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CommCore’s Top 5 Video Blogs of 2016

It wouldn’t be the end of 2016 without a proper countdown in place. We are counting down our top 5 most viewed vidtop-5eo blogs of the year. This past year had the usual mix of communication faux pas, and the occasional “good move.” For 2017, we recommend the following: One, revisit your crisis plans, and though you should always use them, also think outside of your standard “check the box” protocols. Read more

Tips for Effective Storytelling

Out with the long, drawn-out stories; in with the short, and straight-to-the-point storytelling.

Successful spokespeople know how to make their points in a clear, concise and confident manner. At CommCore we teach storyour clients that the best way to get through to your audience is through storytelling.   Read more

Delta’s Rapid Response: The Right Thing

CommCore SVP, Nick Peters takes a look at Delta’s well handled crisis that occured over the Thanksgiving Holiday. The video that sprung this crisis into the mainstream news can be viewed here

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