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Getting Personal with Storytelling at 2015 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference


Want to learn how to develop effective short stories that fit your organization? How to maximize the impact of your stories and how to make your stories stand out?

Join Andy Gilman, President and CEO, CommCore Consulting Group at this year’s 2015 AMA Nonprofit Conference and learn how strategic storytelling and messaging can improve the ROI of your nonprofit. Read more

Jeb Bush or “Governor Pitbull” – A Lesson in Rebranding

The following blog is by CommCore Intern David Bloch

Jimmy Fallon, Snapchat and “slow-jams”—three things people wouldn’t typically associate with the conservative-leaning Republican Party. That didn’t dissuade Jeb Bush from taking some unusual steps within 48 hours of officially announcing his candidacy for president:

  • Giving an eccentric performance recently on the young-skewing Tonight Show, sipping on a coquito with Jimmy Fallon.
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