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Are You Prepared For a Cyber Security Crisis?

90+% of corporate executives report they aren’t prepared to handle a major cyber attack, according to a leading¬†I.T. security firm.

Whether you’re a small business concerned about a possible cyber security crisis or a large business continuing to update cyber-communications crisis policies, here are three useful suggestions to start implementing now:

1. Coordinate separate emergency and crisis plans, such as I.T., security, and PR.

Being organized in your efforts is a key part of sucessfully executing your plan, so be prepared and coordinate!

2. Develop pre-approved templates for media and stakeholder response.

Finding the right response can be tricky. Having pre-approved material will save time when you need it most.

3. Conduct crisis communication drills to test your plan for speed and effective response.

The key to readiness when crisis inevitably strikes is practice. Why not conduct a drill to spot potential flaws in your crisis plan?