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A Whale of a Controversy

SeaWorld didn’t wait to fight back against a documentary film released today that claims whales in captivity suffer physical and mental stress because of confinement. The park’s entertainment division pre-emptively sent a rebuttal to 50 movie critics a week before the movie was to premiere. As a crisis communications strategy it’s an aggressive move for a family-friendly brand.
Good move, or a misstep? From CommCore’s perspective as crisis communicators we see both sides.


·        SeaWorld may get its side of the story mentioned in the press earlier, and perhaps more prominently

·        SeaWorld’s employees – including many well-meaning and respected marine biologists and animal trainers – will be heartened that the corporation came out so strongly in their defense

·        Park sponsors may think twice before having an initial negative knee-jerk reaction.



·        It may draw more attention to the movie and the claims of cruelty (witness the NY Times coverage, and the flashing “SeaWorld Reacts” button on the movie’s website).

·        It may make SeaWorld seem more like an aggressor than a victim.

·        It may prompt the movie producers – and other animal rights activists – to step up their criticism of SeaWorld.

We’ll be watching to see how it plays out in coming weeks.