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5 Questions to ask before you hire a Crisis Communication Expert

crisis communications training

By: Shannon Coughlin, Client Development Director

Did you or your key competitor just suffer from a data breach or get hacked? Is there a potential corporate issue brewing internally that might leak? Could your organization or brand reputation hold up under intense media scrutiny?

Any company can fall victim to irreparable harm to their image or business operations.

There are many reasons to hire a crisis expert. But there are a few key qualifiers for finding the right one. Before you decide on a crisis communications expert, make sure they’re prepared to guide you through the firestorm. We compiled a list of questions you should ask at the onset:

  1. What is their background? While potential issues can appear in any form, make sure they know your industry.
  2. Can they work with multiple departments and personalities? A successful crisis management team is a diversified one. You want an expert team that know how integrate and empower your whole team, from top to bottom.
  3. Will they uncover potential issues that even you can’t see? Look for the ability to assess your existing crisis plan and address perceived vulnerabilities, not just a pre-determined list.
  4. Are they selling their expertise or their collateral? Choose someone who will work with you to fully pressure test your company’s response – not someone who is looking to sell their toolkits or textbooks.
  5. Do they have the foresight to meet your goals? It will be a long road through the reputation repair process. Make sure they have a long-horizon view of how to help you restore your reputation once the dust settles.