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5 Communication Tips for a Successful Internship

CommCore InternshipsBy: Megan Ward, Assistant Account Manager


1.  Make sure that you establish your goals BEFORE you start the internship.

Once you start your internship it’s important to find a time to sit down with your supervisor to figure out what is expected of you, what your daily responsibilities are, what goals you want to accomplish, and who you are to report to daily. This will start your internships off on the right foot.

2.  Ask your boss to have regular performance “check-ins”.

It’s important to know how you’re performing and not just at the end of your internship. By then it’s too late!  By asking your boss to have “check-ins” with you at set intervals, you can make sure that you are improving to the best of your ability.  Feedback is essential to improving and being the best intern possible!

3.  Ask questions!

As an intern no one expects you to know much; your main job is to learn and do the best with the tasks given to you.  If you don’t understand an assignment, ask questions.

4.  Network

Internships provide a great opportunity to network with people you may not normally get the chance to meet. Introduce yourself to someone who has a job you may one day want, ask them questions, get to know them and their job, and they will be impressed with your initiative and desire to learn. And when you (eventually) graduate you’ll want some strong connections to help you land that dream job.

5.  Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Whenever you send an assignment, email, or memo, make sure to double and TRIPLE check your work. Attention to detail and avoiding silly mistakes will make you appear professional and polished.