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3 Tips for Handling Phone Conference Presentations

Presenting over the phone has its own set of communications challenges such as:

  • No immediate connection with the participants – no eye contact or body language feedback (unless you have a system like Telepresence)
  • Audio requires different signals, cues and instructions
  • You never know what other things the listener is doing

Here are a few suggestions to better the chances your key points will be heard:

1.Prepare yourself as a different type of presenter

  • Listen to talk radio, specifically call-in shows for examples of presentations via phone
  • Tape a practice lecture and listen to it
  • Increase voice modulation by 20%

2.During your talk

  • Have a hard copy of your slides; spread them out on the desk or table
  • Stand up
  • Remind the listener what slide you’re on as you advance through the presentation
  • Work on transitions between slides
  • Suggest your audience to write down key points – keep them from multi-tasking

3.Handling the Q&A/wrap up:

  • Call on participants by name and location
  • Moderate between participants calling in from different locations
  • When facilitating Q&A, have participants give their name, location and specialty before the ask the question
  • Summarize the key take-aways from the call