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Your 2018 Communications Tips!

The year 2017 may not be too far behind us just yet, but here at CommCore we have a few quick tips to keep you on track for what we expect to be another eventful year in 2018. Whether you’re attending an investor or trade conference, interacting with the media, revising your crisis management plans, or skimming social media for the next twitter storm – we want you to stay “on top of your communications game” in 2018.

  • Stay connected. It’s important to stay well-informed across an array of topics. You never know who you’ll encounter at a conference or what on-the-fly question a reporter will ask.
  • Follow the trends. The way we receive information on a daily is ever changing. Whether it’s a media or industry-specific app, e-newsletter, podcast, or blog platform, be sure to find the best fit for you to stay informed on-the-go.
  • Establish a game plan. Make a list (or if you already have one, revisit and revise) to plan and prepare for upcoming events, engagements OR to assess the effectiveness of your crisis plans.
  • Have a 30-second elevator speech. Make sure your speech is ready and rehearsed for chance networking encounters.
  • Practice. At CommCore we believe that practice makes for successful delivery. Practicing more than once will help you appear confident, relaxed and prepared.