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CommCore in The New York Times: A Crisis Simulation that Makes Reporters Sweat

At the risk of tooting our own horn, we are sharing the recent New York Times in-depth article on CommCore’s PressureTest crisis communication simulation. (Some Observer readers may have already seen it.) 

For the article, the Times journalists played roles — not as reporters but as management and other stakeholders — and discovered first-hand what such simulations seek to accomplish: “[T]he quick escalation of the disaster and criticism from all sides made it clear why companies are paranoid about ending up in that kind of situation…and why they feel the need to plan.” 

Whether you are the Times or any other organization that wants to prepare for a negative news situation, consider:
  • Crisis simulations are worth the investment to assess current response planning and think through what else could happen.
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NY Times Reporters “Pressure Tested” by CommCore

New York Times reporters wanted to experience CommCore’s new breed of crisis simulations, the very same crisis communication training course our clients undergo with our proprietary “Pressure Test.” Today’s corporate crises unfold more quickly than ever, with companies suddenly finding themselves engulfed in criticism and on the defensive. Read more

Tips: How to Manage a Crisis

Smart companies have crisis plans for when – not if – an incident occurs that disrupts business or damages their brand reputation. However, in today’s fast-paced, social media-dominated world, these plans need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to keep pace with an ever-growing set of potential threats: unsubstantiated damaging rumors, cyberattacks and data breaches, natural disasters, and unethical executive behavior to name a few. Read more

The Power of Association

The power of association – who or what the public associates your organization with — plays an increasingly large role in your organization’s brand reputation, especially in today’s social media-driven environment. Read more

CommCore and Stangarone Form Joint Aviation/Aerospace Communications Practice

Contact: Dale Weiss
Contact: Robert Stangarone

CommCore and Stangarone Form Joint Aviation/Aerospace Communications Practice

Washington DC, October 10, 2017 – CommCore Consulting Group and Stangarone & Associates, two specialty consulting firms, have formed an alliance to provide a wide range of strategic communications services to the aviation and aerospace industries. Read more

Aerospace & Defense Contractor

The Challenge

A US Defense Contractor had a self-prescribed 1 in 10 chance of unseating a long-term incumbent for a six-year, $180 million project with the US Navy. The client sought assistance in delivering a critical presentation in the final stage of the proposal review process. Read more