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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Meet our Spring Semester Interns!


We welcome Melissa Gustafson and Max Nelson to our team from George Washington University! Read our interview below to learn more about them.

Three words you would use to describe yourself…

Melissa: Fun-loving, determined and mildly humorous (usually at my own expense)

Max: Articulate, passionate and playful

What are  you most passionate or inspired by…

Melissa: I’m most passionate about the people around me. Read more

Do Trump’s Inauguration donors risk damaging their brands?

“For a lot of these brands, it’s a very calculated risk that they’re making considering their businesses and shareholders, and the benefit far outweighs the cost,” said Andrew Gilman, chief executive of the crisis communications firm CommCore Consulting Group. Read more

Social Media’s Growing Fake News Conundrum

Fake news, a recent buzzword swarming the internet, has had an effect on many current events but how is it affecting the social media organizations themselves? CommCore SVP Nick Peters reveals this in our newest What Were They Thinking. Read more